Unveiling Spike’s Artistic Prowess

Step into the world of Spike, HeartWorks’ only feline ‘heartist,’ and discover his unique qualities that shape his transformative creations.

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Spike’s Story

Spike’s journey began with a tumultuous start; after two failed adoptions, a humane society employee brought him to us. Extreme distrust of humans characterized his early days, and for months, he isolated himself in a box, distant from any contact or touch. With time, patience, and understanding, he gradually immersed himself into our barn family, developing trust, accepting human touch and petting, and becoming an integral part of our home.

Today, Spike roams freely across the vastness of the farm, snuggling into hay beds, engaging with horses, and forming bonds with his fellow companions, especially Hanna. His curiosity propels him to explore new perspectives daily, fostering a deep connection with the outdoors and the natural world.

Spike has overcome significant struggles with trust, self-worth, and the pain of abandonment. Despite these hurdles, he found solace and love on the farm.

Now, as he paints, Spike incorporates the healing power of his purring, emitting frequencies known for their therapeutic effects. His paintings capture not just the beauty of the moment but also the serene energy of his purring, sharing this soothing experience through his art.

Spike’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of love, patience, and acceptance, offering a purr-fect blend of healing and inspiration to all who cross his path.

Invite Spike to unlock your full potential with his ‘key’ words.

Curiosity, Freedom, Connection, Resilience, Acceptance, Joy

Spike’s Special Artistic Gifts and Qualities


Spike’s color selections infuse his artwork with qualities that foster a sense of ease, inner love and trust, creating a soothing and harmonious visual experience.

Lavender: helps with calming, when feeling unsure or even skittish.
Pink: for the inner sense of love, and trust, support.
Sky Blue: helps with relaxing and sleep.


  • Building trust, trust in life.
  • Opening up to and maintaining a spiritual focus in life and for reflecting one’s inner radiance outward.
  • Taking full responsibility for who we are.
  • Breaking through the chaos so we can once again feel lighter and heal.


Quartz: the ‘master’ stone. Amplifies energy and thought. Absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy.


Heart: learning and leaning into trust. Stepping into kindness.


Uranus: channeling innovative and transformative energy, inspiring unconventional thinking and inner exploration.

Geometric symbol

Icosahedron: liquefies and transmutes; acts as a receiving/transmitting antenna which permits one to share information with the collective – amplifies the energetic network.

This is also used as Spike’s unique ‘signature’ in all of his artwork.


Valor Blend: empowerment, confidence and energy balance.

Blend contains: black spruce, camphor, blue tansy, frankincense, and geranium.

Balsam Fir: uplifts the spirts and help ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

Element Influence

Earth element: grounding in a stable foundation to grow trust within.

Love Language

Physical Touch: transcending words and relying on the power of physical contact to express love and affection.


Connection cleanse, clearing and purifying one’s energetic connection to the collective energies of the world.

As part of the GCA (Gratitude ~ Connection ~ Action method)


More about Spike

The Spiritual Essence of the name Spike
Spike carries an energetic vibe, representing resilience and a dynamic spirit. This name embodies a playful yet protective force, symbolizing a unique and lively presence in every interaction.

Spike’s Feline Wisdom: Spike, the unique ‘heartist’ of HeartWorks, channels his feline wisdom into art that transcends boundaries and invites profound reflection.

Building Trust: Spike’s creations inspire trust in the journey of life, encouraging us to open up to the spiritual dimensions within ourselves and radiate our inner brilliance outward.

Spiritual Mastery: With a message of personal responsibility and mastery, Spike’s art reminds us to fully embrace our authentic selves and live our purpose on Earth.

Healing Chaos: Spike’s work supports the process of breaking through chaos and denser energies, helping us feel lighter and fostering healing, even if it takes time for these transformations to fully manifest.

Soulful Revelations

In-depth reflections and enlightening perspectives shared by Spike during his channel-communication sessions.

Spike's Gratitude Painting

The intention of painting this piece of art was aligned with Gratitude. To the right is the channel from Spike that pairs with this painting.  Spike Gallery 02.

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Messages of Gratitude

Gratitude energy comes through Spike, with the assistance of Archangel Jophiel.
He beams the transformative energy of negative to positive.

Archangel Jophiel shows us that life is a gift to be grateful for. He beams 900 hertz (to you) through Spike – resonating at the level of gratitude and freedom. He helps us to turn our creative vision into reality by inspiring us to learn new skills

Spike shares that gratitude is sometimes overlooked.

“Even I have sat in my life, content and happy, but overlooking the gratitude for all that is.

But when I think about it, it gives me strength. When I go into this energy, it somehow enhances my connection with everything around me. My focus deepens, I feel more connected to the earth, trees, and the air. We move as one.”   

Spike also shows much gratitude for his connection with others, particularly the humans in his close circle of daily life. He shows that these relationships activate his third eye and, in doing so, balance this chakra which enhances the bonds between each of us with feelings of love, belonging, and innate gratitude.

~ Spike

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What are the Benefits of HeartWorks?

Feelings of comfort, warmth, caring, belonging, nurturing, joy, gratitude, and love are among the energies shared through the expressions painted by the Heartists.

The Heartists want you to know that HeartWorks offers a unique and transformative experience through its artwork, animals, and expressive merchandise.

Each element, from the captivating paintings created by our talented Heartists to the presence of our beloved animals, carries energetic properties that resonate deeply within.

The artwork serves as a medium for self-expression and reflection, offering solace and inspiration to those who engage with it.

The animals in our care, with their intuitive understanding and comforting presence, provide a source of unconditional love and support through their art.

Furthermore, our range of expressive merchandise featuring Heartworks paintings extends these energetic qualities into everyday life, allowing individuals to surround themselves with beauty, positivity, and the healing power of art.

Through HeartWorks, we strive to create a sanctuary of wellness, empowerment, and connection for all who seek it.

Welcome to the Heartist herd,

Love the Heartists

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Who is it for?

Heartworks is a unique space where art, animals, and healing converge, making it truly suitable for everyone.

Whether you're young or young at heart, seeking solace, comfort, or simply looking for a unique gift, Heartworks welcomes all.

Our artwork is an expression of the heart and soul of our incredible animal artists. It holds the power to connect you with the profound beauty of the natural world and bring a touch of their therapeutic energies into your life.

Heartworks is a haven for anyone desiring healing, seeking tranquility, or finding joy through the medium of art, all while forging a profound connection with our extraordinary animal companions.

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How does it work?

At HeartWorks, the process is effortlessly simple.

It's important to note that this is an online experience. We are not currently offering in-person experiences.

You start by choosing your Heartist, selecting the one that resonates with you based on their unique offerings, colors, and more.

Next, you pick the products you'd like to have adorned with your Heartist's artwork, whether it's a custom painting or a piece from our gallery.

Then, your chosen Heartist takes it from there. They pour their heart and soul into creating a piece of art specifically for you. Sit back and let the magic unfold, and soon, you'll have a masterpiece filled with love and healing, ready to enhance your life in a way only HeartWorks can.

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What is HeartWorks?

HeartWorks is a truly unique experience where custom artwork is created by our beautifully loved animals.
It's a place where these amazing creatures paint just for you, and their work is so much more than just art.

HeartWorks is about aligning, healing, uplifting, and connecting. Through their incredible creations, our animals offer a profound experience that goes beyond aesthetics.

They help you establish a deeper connection with nature and yourself while providing a path to healing and alignment, making HeartWorks a truly special place where love, art, and nature come together in perfect harmony.

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