Let Jack’s art illuminate wisdom.

Let Jack’s art illuminate your path – request a custom masterpiece and experience the transformative wisdom he weaves into every painting.

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Jack’s Story

As the son of Ellen, Jack was born into a world brimming with adventure. From his earliest moments, it was clear that Jack was destined to be a free spirit, driven by an unquenchable desire to embrace life’s joys. His upbringing was guided by the purest forms of love and positive energy, which nurtured his vibrant personality.

Jack’s teachings are simple yet profound. He reminds us not to take life too seriously, to relish the beauty of each moment, and to find joy in the most ordinary of experiences.

Jack has overcome the ongoing expectations others might place upon him. He’s a beautiful reminder to the power of living in the moment and finding delight in every experience. His very presence is a wellspring of joy and positivity, and he effortlessly shares these gifts with all who cross his path.

Jack’s journey is a shining example of how embracing life’s radiance and cherishing its simple pleasures can lead to profound happiness.

Invite Jack to unlock your full potential with his ‘key’ words.

Radiance, Joy, Adventure, Positivity, Living in the Moment, Unconventional Wisdom

Jack’s Special Artistic Gifts and Qualities


Resonating with vibrancy and wisdom, weaving intricate patterns of yellow, green, and blue overlays to cleanse, balance, and release energy.

Yellow: cleansing and purification.
Green: balancing and soothing relief.
Blue: energetic buildup from external emotions.


  • Clearing paths for self-assertion, carving a route illuminated by positivity, abundance, and joy.
  • Opening perceptional awareness, unveiling the diverse layers of energy and intelligence woven into the fabric of nature, inviting all to feel at home within its embrace.
  • Welcoming one home, here on our beautiful planet.


Peridot: a positive energy stone. It vibrates with the energy of sunshine, showering you with blessings and abundance.


Solar plexus:

  • Sense of self; learning how to develop a strong sense of what you stand for.
  • Creating your own reality!
  • Digestive alignment.


Earth: to help deepen the connection to the planet.

Geometric symbols

Honeycomb: serves as a conduit for releasing stagnant energy.

Expansion: for elevating consciousness, releasing the grip of fear, anxiety, and worry, and ushering in an era of serenity and trust.

The Honeycomb is also used as Jack’s unique ‘signature’ in all of his artwork.


Surrender Blend: stress and tension are released quickly when we surrender willfulness.

Blend contains: lavender, lemon, black spruce, roman chamomile, angelica, and mountain savory.

Element Influence

Earth element: weaving a symphony of wisdom and attunement, nurturing the growth of nature’s teachings and revealing the gentle medicine hidden within the layers of existence.

Love Languages

Physical Touch: the touch of healing and connection.

Quality Time: spending quality time embracing the wisdom of nature and nurturing a special bond with the inner self.


Prioritizing what is needed in that exact situation! This brings in maximum positive impact to the self and those around.

As part of the GCA (Gratitude ~ Connection ~ Action method)

More about Jack

The Spiritual Essence of the name Jack

Jack embodies the spirit of adventure and playfulness, resonating with the energy of joy and spontaneity. It signifies a free-spirited nature and a deep connection with the natural world.


Through his expressive paintings, Jack illuminates the way toward healing, understanding, and attunement with the heartbeats of nature.

Positive Pathways: Guided by his heart’s yearning, he steps forward to clear paths for self-assertion, carving a route illuminated by positivity, abundance, and joy.

Perceptional Awareness: His profound teachings unfold as he leads the way to open perceptional awareness, unveiling the diverse layers of energy and intelligence woven into the fabric of nature, inviting all to feel at home within its embrace.

Crystalline Earth Wisdom: He brings in the essence of crystalline wisdom and ventures into the earth’s crystalline layer with his artwork. Here, he unravels the teachings of nature attunement and the deep-rooted ‘medicine’ that the natural world offers.

Trust in Transformation: Behind his sensitive and skeptical demeanor lies a smart and glowing heart, and his ultimate message is trust – a trust in the process, the journey, and the transformative magic of his artistry.

Soulful Revelations

In-depth reflections and enlightening perspectives shared by Jack during his channel-communication sessions.

Jack's Gratitude Painting

The intention of painting this piece of art was aligned with Gratitude. To the right is the channel from Jack that pairs with this painting.  Jack Gallery 03.

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Messages of Gratitude

Jack shares gratitude from a powerful, energetic plane outside the time-space construct.

“There is gratitude in this moment, enveloped in nature. Nature is the source, the resting space, the fountain of gratitude. It energizes our cells and energy circuitry if we allow it.  

It’s a space where we collectively gather and work for the highest benefit for all.

All positive energies are brought into this space and broadcast out from this space.

There is oneness in gratitude. And with this, an ability or assistance to tune into the energies of nature at an even deeper layer.”

Jack shows this, particularly with wood and earth spirits – who have a strong connection to the elements: water, fire, air, and earth.

“Gratitude is a gift – and with every gift of gratitude, we serve. And as we gift, we empower and connect to others. Gratitude is one of the highest universal priorities. Giving love and thankfulness to Mother Earth, with the immense growth of life and gratitude.” 

~ Jack

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What are the Benefits of HeartWorks?

Feelings of comfort, warmth, caring, belonging, nurturing, joy, gratitude, and love are among the energies shared through the expressions painted by the Heartists.

The Heartists want you to know that HeartWorks offers a unique and transformative experience through its artwork, animals, and expressive merchandise.

Each element, from the captivating paintings created by our talented Heartists to the presence of our beloved animals, carries energetic properties that resonate deeply within.

The artwork serves as a medium for self-expression and reflection, offering solace and inspiration to those who engage with it.

The animals in our care, with their intuitive understanding and comforting presence, provide a source of unconditional love and support through their art.

Furthermore, our range of expressive merchandise featuring Heartworks paintings extends these energetic qualities into everyday life, allowing individuals to surround themselves with beauty, positivity, and the healing power of art.

Through HeartWorks, we strive to create a sanctuary of wellness, empowerment, and connection for all who seek it.

Welcome to the Heartist herd,

Love the Heartists

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Who is it for?

Heartworks is a unique space where art, animals, and healing converge, making it truly suitable for everyone.

Whether you're young or young at heart, seeking solace, comfort, or simply looking for a unique gift, Heartworks welcomes all.

Our artwork is an expression of the heart and soul of our incredible animal artists. It holds the power to connect you with the profound beauty of the natural world and bring a touch of their therapeutic energies into your life.

Heartworks is a haven for anyone desiring healing, seeking tranquility, or finding joy through the medium of art, all while forging a profound connection with our extraordinary animal companions.

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How does it work?

At HeartWorks, the process is effortlessly simple.

It's important to note that this is an online experience. We are not currently offering in-person experiences.

You start by choosing your Heartist, selecting the one that resonates with you based on their unique offerings, colors, and more.

Next, you pick the products you'd like to have adorned with your Heartist's artwork, whether it's a custom painting or a piece from our gallery.

Then, your chosen Heartist takes it from there. They pour their heart and soul into creating a piece of art specifically for you. Sit back and let the magic unfold, and soon, you'll have a masterpiece filled with love and healing, ready to enhance your life in a way only HeartWorks can.

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What is HeartWorks?

HeartWorks is a truly unique experience where custom artwork is created by our beautifully loved animals.
It's a place where these amazing creatures paint just for you, and their work is so much more than just art.

HeartWorks is about aligning, healing, uplifting, and connecting. Through their incredible creations, our animals offer a profound experience that goes beyond aesthetics.

They help you establish a deeper connection with nature and yourself while providing a path to healing and alignment, making HeartWorks a truly special place where love, art, and nature come together in perfect harmony.

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