Hanna’s heartfelt paintings await you

Meet Hanna, our extraordinary canine heartist at HeartWorks. Hanna’s art embodies profound connections, gratitude, and healing intentions. Let her paint a unique masterpiece for you, touching your heart and soul with love and wisdom.

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Hanna’s Story

A dog rescue group found Hanna in the Cayman Islands pound. She was quickly moved to the humane society, where they hoped to find her a foster. During the same time, Tricia was looking to help a dog through fostering, and when she met Hanna, she felt a deep connection.

Hanna embraced farm life and was adopted by Allesha, thus beginning her incredible journey as a barn mascot and a talented Heartist.

After f
acing the trials of abandonment and instability, Hanna courageously adapted to her new surroundings, embarking on a fresh chapter in her resilient narrative surrounded by a loving family and community. 

Hanna has overcome adversity, as she emerged triumphant, leaving fear in her past and stepping courageously into a new sense of self. She embodies the very spirit of HeartWorks, illustrating the transformative power of love and care in the life of a furry companion.

Invite Hanna to unlock your full potential with her ‘key’ words.

Resilience, Adaptability, Courage, Triumph, Love, Transformation

Hanna’s Special Artistic Gifts and Qualities


Hanna’s color choices bring intellectual clarity, warm encouragement, and emotional relaxation to her artistic expression.

Ultraviolet: not a color that can be painted. Hanna would like to use it, in energy, before she paints – she has asked for it to help deepen the effects of color in the paint.

Yellow: stimulates intellect and clarity.

Orange: warming, encouraging, and cheering.

Blue: assisting with emotional barriers, helping to relax into emotions, rather than contract from them.


Celestine: stone of heaven, divine power, relaxes mind to give spiritual growth and expands creative expression.

Orange Calcite: integrating the spiritual realm with the physical body. Emotional balancing and energy amplification.


Peace and Calming Blend: floods with calm energy, helps anxiety, stress and tension.

Blend contains: tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy.

Orange: calming and uplifting tones, enlivening the senses.


Feet-Paw: supporting the self to take steps in life – she says, “I have four feet to the ground and it helps integrate into all other chakras.”


Neptune: associated with intuition, imagination, and spiritual awakening, offering a profound opportunity for deep emotional and psychic exploration.

Geometric symbol

Pyramid: law of balance and universal order, promotes balance through unity.

This is also used as Hanna’s unique ‘signature’ in all of her artwork.


  • Grounding in the NOW, everything within us flows. Being one with the self and experience oneness with everything around us.
  • Envelop in more gratitude for people around us. Honoring each unique being with love of the highest level and letting that emanate through each of us.
  • Restore patterns of health and bring in joy.
  • Encouraging to do what one really like to do. Connecting with the authentic heart.
  • Being myself. Love is a gift to the greater whole.  Choose freely and willingly.

Element Influence

Earth element: to assist in balancing the Earth grid.

Love Language

Acts of Service: heartfelt acts of healing and connection, where she showers those around her with love of the highest order, allowing it to flow effortlessly through every interaction.


Focusing on ones personal connection cleanse of the self – depleting personal energy (on the self), and disconnect!

As part of the GCA (Gratitude ~ Connection ~ Action method)


More about Hanna

The Spiritual Essence of the name Hanna
Hanna resonates with grace and compassion, embodying the spirit of nurturing and healing. It symbolizes a gentle strength, fostering connections and bringing comfort to those around her.

Gratitude and Love: her art is imbued with the essence of gratitude and love, enveloping those who engage with it in a warm embrace of appreciation for each unique being.

Cleansing Connections: sometimes there are so many things going on in the world around us, that is causes us to feel overwhelmed. Hanna acknowledges this, and the impact that depleting energies can have on individuals’ well-beings. This brings in the idea of cleansing away these connections to the self.

Embracing Authenticity: Through Hanna’s art, individuals are inspired to embrace their true selves and freely share their love with the world, contributing to the collective well-being.

Healing Intentions: Hanna’s intentions for her artwork include restoring patterns of health and ushering in joy. She facilitates heart connections, encouraging the expression of deep emotions and breaking through communication barriers.

Grounded Presence: Her presence fosters grounding and a profound sense of living in the present moment. Her art encapsulates the concept of oneness with oneself and everything around, promoting self-fulfillment and the gift of love to the greater whole.

Soulful Revelations

In-depth reflections and enlightening perspectives shared by Hanna during her channel-communication sessions.

Hanna's Gratitude Painting

The intention of painting this piece of art was aligned with Gratitude. To the right is the channel from Hanna that pairs with this painting.  Hanna Gallery 03.

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Messages of Gratitude

Hanna shares that she sits in an excess of gratitude. She is overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness.

“In my experience, gratitude heals us. It heals our emotions. It floods energy through our system, particularly our meridians (our energy highways through the body). 

The heart opens when sitting in gratitude, and energy zings out through our arms and out our front paws (or hands). This energy makes me want to run. It’s a jumping bean feeling and is really fun. That’s how gratitude feels to me.

Gratitude helps us feel like we are in ‘heaven on Earth’. It fills my spirit. This connection helps us blend our physical and higher spiritual bodies together.”

~ Hanna

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What are the Benefits of HeartWorks?

Feelings of comfort, warmth, caring, belonging, nurturing, joy, gratitude, and love are among the energies shared through the expressions painted by the Heartists.

The Heartists want you to know that HeartWorks offers a unique and transformative experience through its artwork, animals, and expressive merchandise.

Each element, from the captivating paintings created by our talented Heartists to the presence of our beloved animals, carries energetic properties that resonate deeply within.

The artwork serves as a medium for self-expression and reflection, offering solace and inspiration to those who engage with it.

The animals in our care, with their intuitive understanding and comforting presence, provide a source of unconditional love and support through their art.

Furthermore, our range of expressive merchandise featuring Heartworks paintings extends these energetic qualities into everyday life, allowing individuals to surround themselves with beauty, positivity, and the healing power of art.

Through HeartWorks, we strive to create a sanctuary of wellness, empowerment, and connection for all who seek it.

Welcome to the Heartist herd,

Love the Heartists

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Who is it for?

Heartworks is a unique space where art, animals, and healing converge, making it truly suitable for everyone.

Whether you're young or young at heart, seeking solace, comfort, or simply looking for a unique gift, Heartworks welcomes all.

Our artwork is an expression of the heart and soul of our incredible animal artists. It holds the power to connect you with the profound beauty of the natural world and bring a touch of their therapeutic energies into your life.

Heartworks is a haven for anyone desiring healing, seeking tranquility, or finding joy through the medium of art, all while forging a profound connection with our extraordinary animal companions.

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How does it work?

At HeartWorks, the process is effortlessly simple.

It's important to note that this is an online experience. We are not currently offering in-person experiences.

You start by choosing your Heartist, selecting the one that resonates with you based on their unique offerings, colors, and more.

Next, you pick the products you'd like to have adorned with your Heartist's artwork, whether it's a custom painting or a piece from our gallery.

Then, your chosen Heartist takes it from there. They pour their heart and soul into creating a piece of art specifically for you. Sit back and let the magic unfold, and soon, you'll have a masterpiece filled with love and healing, ready to enhance your life in a way only HeartWorks can.

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What is HeartWorks?

HeartWorks is a truly unique experience where custom artwork is created by our beautifully loved animals.
It's a place where these amazing creatures paint just for you, and their work is so much more than just art.

HeartWorks is about aligning, healing, uplifting, and connecting. Through their incredible creations, our animals offer a profound experience that goes beyond aesthetics.

They help you establish a deeper connection with nature and yourself while providing a path to healing and alignment, making HeartWorks a truly special place where love, art, and nature come together in perfect harmony.

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