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Experience the profound healing touch of Gwen’s artwork – request a custom masterpiece and infuse your space with her transformative journey of releasing, cleansing, and embracing the vibrant hues of life.

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Gwen’ Story

Gwen was bred and born into the sport of eventing. Irish by birth and on the fast track for high level competition when tragedy hit, and her rider was fatally wounded in competition. As a result, Gwen’s life was turned upside down and she was shipped to a boarding facility in Florida from the UK to be sold as a performance horse.

Tricia first met Gwen at the boarding facility and she was totally taken aback by her. Gwen’s warmth and grace opened her heart.  It was love at first sight (for both of them). After three months of conversation and negotiation, Gwen was brought home and together they began a journey of deep understanding and healing.

Gwen has overcome the all-consuming pressure of the performance world and the ground being ripped out from under her. She taught Tricia about grief and the depth of emotional energies horses hold in their bodies.

Gwen continues to learn about vulnerability, trust, and forgiveness. That there is more to life than what she previously believed to be true. Now, Gwen amplifies a new energy, “I am exactly who I am supposed to be in the present moment.”

Invite Gwen to unlock your full potential with her ‘key’ words.

Renewal, Inner-Calm, Transformation, Adaptability, Release, Flow, Forgiveness

Gwen’s Special Artistic Gifts and Qualities


Gwen’s color palette is full of vibrant intention. She intertwines hues that resonate with her unique healing focus. 

Orange: to help address nervous tension, fear, and depression.

Lemon: for general cleansing of the body, like an energetic laxative.

Violet: as a spleen stimulant, for assisting in cleansing the body of toxins.


Amethyst: aligning and protective, transmuting lower energy into love.

Peridot: the anti-toxin stone, for letting go. Beckons the release of old patterns, cleansing organs and glands, and ushering in new opportunities.



  • Unconditional love.
  • Heart forgiveness and compassion to the self.
  • Self love.


The Moon: serene and mystical energy, fostering emotional healing, intuition, and spiritual illumination during its gentle, silvery embrace.


Joy Blend: invites emotional balance and uplifting.

Blend contains: Bergamot, Ylang ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, Roman chamomile, Palmarosa, and Rose.

Sage: used with intention for clearing and strengthening the vital centers of the body.

Geometric symbol

9-point star: helps absorb and clear past traumas; represents the duality of light and its shadow – the stability in change.

This is also used as Gwen’s unique ‘signature’ in all of her artwork.


  • Releasing emotional tension held in the body and assisting emotional toxins to flow out of the system.
  • Integrative energy shifting from the past or childhood.
  • Letting go and embracing life. Finding more flexibilty and adaptability.
  • Bringing in understanding and feeling understood.
  • She would love to assist with the Laws of Forgiveness.

Element Influence

Fire element: inferno’s dance, passion’s flame. Transforming energy, fierce and bright. Igniting possibilities within.

Love Language

Words of affirmation: Expressing affection through spoken words, praise, or appreciation. Words of encouragement.


  • Harnessing the energy within a situation, but also alternative paths. Sometimes the path to action is a different direction than intended.
  • Flow with all.

As part of the GCA (Gratitude ~ Connection ~ Action method)

More about Gwen

The Spiritual Essence of the name Gwen

Gwen carries the energy of a radiant spirit. It symbolizes the white light of purity, harmonizing with the divine, and embracing the beauty within and around.


Untangling Emotional Knots: Gwen’s present passion lies in untangling emotional knots, purifying both body and mind, and gently shedding the shadow of the past, mirroring the harmony she seeks within herself. This intrinsic alignment paves the way for a flexible, adaptive embrace of life.

Inner Calm and Grounding: With an inner calm and grounding warmth, Gwen offers her gentle touch to her painting.

Beyond Comfort Zones: Her artistic creations echo her message – stepping beyond the comfort zone leads to transformative realities, and every opinion holds profound significance.

Healing and Creation: In Gwen’s artistry, colors and intentions blend, fusing the power of healing and creation into one exquisite masterpiece.

Soulful Revelations

In-depth reflections and enlightening perspectives shared by Gwen during her channel-communication sessions.

Gwen's Gratitude Painting

The intention of painting this piece of art was aligned with Gratitude. To the right is the channel from Gwen that pairs with this painting.  Gwen Gallery 05.

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Messages of Gratitude

Perspective is an important theme in Gwen’s personal journey. Especially how impactful it has been as she expands her perspective and gains new perceptions.

Gwen shares, “Gratitude helps to raise our perspective so that we may see the divine potential within the physical reality and more. Within this state is a sweet spot filled with the essence of courage and adaptability for horses, humans and all beings to thrive.”

Gwen reminds us that for some, getting to gratitude may feel difficult.
“This is because it is about melting the protective layers around the heart and feeling vulnerable as these layers give way, opening heart energy.”

Gwen adds, “This is a process; be gentle, take little steps and let appreciation fill your heart. Love, feel and know true abundance – as it lives in the heart.”

~ Gwen

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What are the Benefits of HeartWorks?

Feelings of comfort, warmth, caring, belonging, nurturing, joy, gratitude, and love are among the energies shared through the expressions painted by the Heartists.

The Heartists want you to know that HeartWorks offers a unique and transformative experience through its artwork, animals, and expressive merchandise.

Each element, from the captivating paintings created by our talented Heartists to the presence of our beloved animals, carries energetic properties that resonate deeply within.

The artwork serves as a medium for self-expression and reflection, offering solace and inspiration to those who engage with it.

The animals in our care, with their intuitive understanding and comforting presence, provide a source of unconditional love and support through their art.

Furthermore, our range of expressive merchandise featuring Heartworks paintings extends these energetic qualities into everyday life, allowing individuals to surround themselves with beauty, positivity, and the healing power of art.

Through HeartWorks, we strive to create a sanctuary of wellness, empowerment, and connection for all who seek it.

Welcome to the Heartist herd,

Love the Heartists

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Who is it for?

Heartworks is a unique space where art, animals, and healing converge, making it truly suitable for everyone.

Whether you're young or young at heart, seeking solace, comfort, or simply looking for a unique gift, Heartworks welcomes all.

Our artwork is an expression of the heart and soul of our incredible animal artists. It holds the power to connect you with the profound beauty of the natural world and bring a touch of their therapeutic energies into your life.

Heartworks is a haven for anyone desiring healing, seeking tranquility, or finding joy through the medium of art, all while forging a profound connection with our extraordinary animal companions.

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How does it work?

At HeartWorks, the process is effortlessly simple.

It's important to note that this is an online experience. We are not currently offering in-person experiences.

You start by choosing your Heartist, selecting the one that resonates with you based on their unique offerings, colors, and more.

Next, you pick the products you'd like to have adorned with your Heartist's artwork, whether it's a custom painting or a piece from our gallery.

Then, your chosen Heartist takes it from there. They pour their heart and soul into creating a piece of art specifically for you. Sit back and let the magic unfold, and soon, you'll have a masterpiece filled with love and healing, ready to enhance your life in a way only HeartWorks can.

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What is HeartWorks?

HeartWorks is a truly unique experience where custom artwork is created by our beautifully loved animals.
It's a place where these amazing creatures paint just for you, and their work is so much more than just art.

HeartWorks is about aligning, healing, uplifting, and connecting. Through their incredible creations, our animals offer a profound experience that goes beyond aesthetics.

They help you establish a deeper connection with nature and yourself while providing a path to healing and alignment, making HeartWorks a truly special place where love, art, and nature come together in perfect harmony.

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